Taxi Drivers

                    £60 driving medicals

The Government recommends that taxi drivers meet the same standards as those of bus and lorry drivers. Responsibility for determining those medical standards rests with each local authority. They may insist that your own GP must complete the medical rather than any registered doctor. Please check with your local authority.

Your local authority will supply you with the medical form to be completed. It may be possible to print them from their website.

You can usually arrange an appointment within 24 hours by telephoning:-

07708 383 351



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The driver needs to bring the following to the appointment:-

a) The £60 (£50 plus VAT) fee. A VAT receipt will be given.

b)  Current photocard driving licence

c)  One other form of identification - for example, passport, bank guarantee card or birth certificate

d)  The Taxi Medical Exam Form

e)  If you wear spectacles for driving, please ensure they are your current prescription and bring them to your appointment. Contact lenses must be removed for part of the eye test, so bring solutions, if necessary.

f)  Tablets/medicines/inhalers, etc prescribed by your doctor

g)  The address of your own doctor

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